Final Report
Recreational stay and psychological-pedagogic support for traumatized Women and Children in Project SEKA, Splitska, Brac, Summer 2001

Evaluation of the project/ participant´s feedback:

We can certainly say that all women and children who came to SEKA this summer recreated well and gained energy and courage to use in their everyday life at home. Every group profited in a different way from SEKA's offers. We believe that this has become clear in the description of the work with the groups you find above.
The feedbacks of women and partly of the older children further indicate the effect and success of recreational stays in SEKA. In the following, you will find some of those feedbacks in English translation.

Splitska/Brac, 09/25/01
Gabriele Müller
project manager SEKA

Some comments, written in our "book of impressions" in summer 2001:

Splitska-Brac, 7/7/2001
To live every day and every moment like in kuca SEKA (House SEKA), that would truly be a fairy tale, and therefore - THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Ruzica Gajic

A big thank you to all the great and brave women of kuca SEKA for an unforgettable holiday.

Mirjana Jokanovic

We all have a hundred lives - but we only remember one. Maybe it is this one, we should not squander it.
There are people who are born and must live, but there are those who are meant to perform good deeds. This luck has been granted to you. Thanks.

Splitska, 7/7/01
Dubravka Milovanovic

Splitska, 6/25/01-7/8/01
The contact group Tuzla-Srebenica has many wishes - most of which haven't been fulfilled until now. But one has become true: The experience made in kuca SEKA will be passed on from group to group, from one generation to another. I can only write THANK YOU in the name of all members of the contact group. Many thanks!

Dzevada Salihovic, Tuzla

Splitska, Brac, 7/7/01
This can only happen to you once, and that is of kuca SEKA, All these years that have been so DARK, have been brightened by the sun of kuca SEKA and lightened by its blue sea. All the waves that are beating against the beach are our wishes that have been fulfilled, fulfilled by kuca SEKA in Spliska. THANK YOU, and I wish you a lot of success in your work!

Mirsada Ajkanovic, Tuzla

All dreams have come true and all my expectations, with the help of kuca SEKA. What can I say, except for "thank you very much", but even that is hard to express with just a pencil. But, all this would not have been as great without the friends from the contact group.
I wish you all much luck and further meetings, but to the warm and hearty women in kuca SEKA: Thank you very much!!

Amela Hasanovic, Tuzla

This summer was beautiful. There is nothing to complain about. All people were very nice to us and gave us a lot of attention. We visited many beaches and did a lot of sightseeing. We got to know new people who became friends instantly. We got along very well in the group, we went for swims and did many other things together. Our aunties Mirjana, Gabi, Dubravka, and Blanka were like friends we already know for ages. They explained to us all the things we didn't know. Being together with them was wonderful and is unforgettable. I would really like to come back here and spend so many great moments with them again.

Milica Milanovic, 16 years old

This summer was something very special to me. I liked the kucica best, and the walks in Postira (the neighbour village). I liked Supetar very much, because the beach there is nice and there are swimming pools. I liked all workers because they were all kind and happy every day. I didn't like that we didn't keep the rules and had arguments. I liked Gabi the most. She always had something for us. And Vahida had always a song or a poem for us, too. And Blanka I liked as well, because she was always happy. I want to come back again.
Everything's so cool!!! (a painted heart, "Love towards everyone" written in it)

Dijana Jukic, 13 years old

This summer was the best I've had, because everything was OK and everybody was so crazy, unforgettable. We got to know so many kind people and beautiful things. This small, modest town is full of nice and interesting things. I liked the beach in Supetar best. We met many nice people there, and there are nice cafes, swimming pools and so on. We found new friends. The food was good. I came with 64 kg and go back with 70 kg. Nighttime on Brac is wonderful, warm, impressive and interesting.
Therefore, there are so many reasons why I like it here so much that I can't write them all in here.

Mirjana Jukic, 17 years old

Letter from the "Prijateljice" organization:
Dear Gabi, dear SEKE,
In the name of our organization "prijateljice", but especially in the name of the enthusiastic members of the "contact group Tuzla-Srebenica", I would like to thank you for the organizational help, the professional support and the hospitality you gave our colleagues during their stay in your house. As some of the participants of the recreational stay told me, they brought back some extraordinary impressions and experiences. They are very impressed by you and the group work, and I am grateful for that as well. I think that this experience contributes a lot to further unite the group members and to improve teamwork...

Jasminka Tadic Husanovic

Kuca SEKA, 7/14/01-7/24/01
House SEKA is really a House "Seka" (House of sisters), I really feel here like we were all sisters. So much warmth, love, understanding, patience, you have to live and feel this. You are all so kind to us, Gabi, Mirjana, Marijana, Dubravka and our "aunty" Marija and Fani, who take good care of us with their meals, especially aunty Marija. You must gain weight here, if you want to or not. I don't know how to thank you, because the word THANKS is not enough for all you gave us. It's hard for me to say good-bye to you, but it's not all over: I'll always have you in my heart, like friends and like my family, my sisters. Now and then I will give you a call. Sanja and her children, Marko, Ivica, and Luka love you very much! THANKS for everything!

Sanja Dolenec

I would not call this house SEKA, but "Duga" (= rainbow), where a drop of kindness turns into a thousand colorful rays. Thanks, a very big thank you from all my heart for your warmth, your patience and your empathy, but most of all for "standing" when it sometimes was strenuous to be with us. We wish you success and permanence in your work for your future life: Grozdana, Ivana, Merima, and Adi. Think of us some times, and if possible call us at the following number:... Thank you.

Tomorrow is our last day with you, but I will remember these unforgettable days I spent here with my two sons and my friends from the AZKZ (=Women's House Zagreb) every summer to come. I could have written in this guest book on the first day that I'm simply overwhelmed by the organization, the warmth and kindness you gave us every day, Gabi, Mirjana, Dubravka, Marijana, "aunt" Marija and Fani. It's not only the great food and the smile on all your faces. It's something deeper. Everyday there is something new, another surprise, it's easy to see that you really want us to feel fine and to find ourselves - get away from our all day monotony when all we do is cook, wash, watch the children. To find oneself means to do more than that, it means wanting to give something. And that won't be ignored.
I'll always admire women like you: Gabi, Mirjana, Dubravka, Marijana.

Zlata Islamcevic

...I have lived through so many loving beautiful moments in this house. Far away from the strenuous all day life, we all found peace and easiness in this house and - as we say it - recreated our soul. I would like to thank you for all these days during which you gave us love and warmth, days in which we had time for ourselves and didn't have to think of bad things. I never felt lonely here. Thanks for all this - aunty Mirjana and Gabi, Marijana and Dubravka. And praise to the excellent cook aunty Marija and to aunty Fani.

Ivana, 16 years old

I don't know how to thank you for your hospitality that you gave us from your big hearts. My children and I felt very nice and very well here. Aunty Marijana, Gabi, Mirjana, Dubravka and our cooks aunt Marija and Fani really are the best women in the world. This book doesn't have enough pages to write down everything, all the wonderful things that happened here and that we were granted by these wonderful women that took good care of us and gave us all to make us feel as pretty and good as possible. Therefore: Aunt Marijana, Mirjana, Dubravka and Gabi, keep on being the bravest women in the world, and aunt Marija and Fani, keep on cooking the best and most tasteful meals.
Dear SEKE (= sisters), me and my children Kristina, Stefica and Zeljka wish you a lot of luck and health, may good bless you and give you strength to keep on doing your work for a long time. THANK YOU!!!!


THANKS to these courageous women who were great friends to us!

Ines Starcevic

All that is nice lasts only a short time. There are not enough words to describe all the beautiful moments we had here with those special and precious women aunt Gabi, Mirjana, aunt Marijana, Vesna, aunt Branka, Fani and the star of the kitchen aunt Marija. Thanks a lot for your hospitality and the patience you gave us. We wish you a lot of luck and success in your further work.

Mina and Senada Avdicevic, Donji Vakuf

I have no words to describe all the beauty and kindness of these women who work in the beautiful house SEKA, I just want to write that this is paradise on earth.

Safija Verem, "Anima", Donji Vakuf

Many greetings to Mirjana, Gabi, Marijana, Branka, Fani, Marija, and Vesna from Sakiba and little Jasmina. We would like to thank you very much for your warmest hospitality. Bye.

I would like to thank the organization "kuca SEKA" who received us here so lovingly. It was all beautiful to me here. I will never forget that. I greet the whole collective here.

Dzula Sarac 8/11/01

Some written feedbacks from the evaluation of the women from the fourth group:

Is it possible that a group of women and children from three different national communities, among who had been no communication "until yesterday", spend 14 days together, do things together, talk, laugh, get along well - just like a homogenous, related group? Yes, it is possible!! It is possible and happened in kuca SEKA. Links were made that hopefully wont be cut off again. New friends were found, old friendship got even stronger. We talked about life and exchanged views and experiences... all that here in kuca SEKA, where agreement and friendship reign, where laughter, lovingness, kindness and amiability replace violence and the unbearable. It happened here, in this house, where everyone feels important, safe, loved, and free...

I have never experienced so much love and attention in a single place. I felt like a 15-year-old, happy and free. The common evenings, the group work, the swimming, and our conversations gave me so much vital energy as if I could fly. I can't forget my grief, but it's so much easier on me knowing that someone listens and shares my joy and sorrow, just like I listen to others and comfort them. All the beautiful moments we shared in kuca SEKA I will carry on in my soul. I thank all those who made it possible for me to feel happy, because I thought I would never be able to feel that way again. I would like the women of kuca SEKA to come and visit us and be my guest. Thanks as well to the donators from Germany who made our stay in kuca SEKA possible.

In this beautiful house, so warm and full of love, my children and I found calmness and happiness I can't describe with words. I was overwhelmed by Gabi's and Mirjana's hospitality. With their loving words they refreshed my heart and my soul. It was more than I ever expected. Thank you Gabi and Mirjana and all the others for your care (nice words, great food, boat rides, photos...). The holy God may grant you with health, luck and strength for life, so you can bear to follow this path helping others.

The encounter with kuca SEKA is something special and more than I could have ever wished for. My children and I will remember these days on the island of Brac for a long time and keep them in our hearts. I was stunned to see our hostesses' smiling and caring faces and their hospitality. I must mention that meeting Gabi impressed me very much. In her appearance, she combines the delicacy, tenderness, and gentleness of a sensitive woman with the courage, the strength and the wisdom of a GREAT PERSON.
We return home relaxed, content, enriched with a new experience. THANKS TO ALL who helped in making these 14 days possible.

I have experienced 14 unforgettable days here, I found new friends who helped me forget my sorrow. Being together with you raises new thoughts, gives new strength and new energy. Unfortunately we only found out at the end how important the group work was, how badly we needed it. All that we women and children received here can only be thought of and carried out by people full of empathy, warmth, love, and tolerance. A big thank you to Mirjana, Gabi, aunt Marija and Fani, Vesna, Maida, and Melita.

As I arrived in kuca SEKA, I was almost startled by the warm welcome we were granted by our hostesses. I thought that I was expected to give something in return to so much kindness. Now, after 13 days we spent together, I can accept this love more easily. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH - especially for what you made possible for our children and all you gave them. I am very happy, my heart is filled with so many things, and I love you all and I will never forget you!

In this beautiful house full of love and warmth, we experienced something I can't describe, but I am happy. I thank all of you from kuca SEKA very much, because you gave me faith in people and in life back with all your attention and love. I thank the "lice Mira" staff that selected our group. And I'd like to thank the financial backers who made this stay in SEKA-House possible.

It was very nice for me to be here, especially the sea and the swimming pool and that I can swim and dive now - without swimming belt! And I liked best when we were playing with the dolls in the small room in the "Kucica". Only sometimes the boys were so noisy.
I learned to take photos. And we went for a ride with aunty Mirjana's boat - that was great. Everything here was nice and everybody was so kind. I wish I could come back.

Ruzica, 8 years old

Everything was great here but it was greatest to be in "Kucica" and to go by boat with aunty Mirjana.

Ivan, 9 years old

It was so nice to be here. It was my best summer ever. Kuca SEKA is wonderful and aunty Mirjana and Gabi and aunty Maida and Vesna spoiled us so very much. And aunty Marija's and Fani's food is great. I found a new friend and I hope that we will go on seeing each other. Everybody is so kind here. I will always remember you, and I would love to come back and visit you. A HUGE THANKS

Milica, 16 years old

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